“It’s time to go back into the Upside Down (bag of SkinnyPop).”
 “So cute you could eat it. But you probably shouldn’t.”
 “The only things that go into a bag of Original SkinnyPop are popcorn, salt, sunflower oil and hands.”
 “Not sure why everyone’s fighting over that iron chair. There’s no popcorn and it doesn’t even recline. #GOTS7 #gameofthrones”
 “Don’t let anything get between you and your popcorn, especially a fresh coat of nail polish.”
 “100% real.”
 “The. Most. Dramatic. Flavor. Of SkinnyPop. Yet…”
 “Who says your nightstand can’t have a snack drawer?”
 “They’re like tasty little popcorn plates for whatever you have in your fridge.”
 “Sharing SkinnyPop: easier said than done.”
 “Variety pack hack.”
 Yoga teacher: Allow your body to take control and let your arms move freely. Me: ^
 “With no artificial ingredients, you don’t need to feel guilty about going for the gold — or green. Or blue, black or red.”
 “Our bucket list: Get a bigger bucket.”
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